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Lest you start throwing out animal analogies, just know that at least half the offspring of female lions are sired by Betas; DNA testing proves it. Before we find out in what sense evolutionary psychology counts as scientific, it is important to question whether it is possible to claim that scientific descriptions of human behaviour have no effect on or responsibility to society. He talks like he's trying to get himself killed Consider how little could make you happy - a hand shake, a smile, a wave etc Here, what is strange from DK's part is so little would have changed the story. Unfortunately, there are times when profanity seems called for, and this is one such time.
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Dennis Kucinich interview, 1977

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And, yes of course I am leaving on the Hajj right away, Mr. That being said, no matter what Mr Roberts does hopefully just takes a short break , I am forced to keep on ranting and raving, hoping that someone new, everyday, can be reached and caused to rethink their brainwashing; Search a new horizon beyond that Two Party Paradigm. But leave it to the Dem's to screw it up. The city's best hope lies in each resident breaking off a piece of one of the massive problems, as much as he or she can handle, and trying to fix it. If he had a chance to win he would be killed.
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Dennis Kucinich: Alpha Male | Chateau Heartiste

The mirror image of this situation hardly ever happens. I don't think we went about it the right way, but we couldn't legally stand by and do nothing. It's more a reflection of how rightward the country's political discourse has drifted that people now call him a progressive. And I don't care if you're a Republican or you're a conservative Democrat or you're somebody like Dennis Kucinich. But as the prospect of war looms, his prayer for a more humane, less imperial America is striking a chord in many Democratic hearts. I'm not all that fond of Kucinich, but he doesn't deserve that treatment, and people Markos has supported do. Since I don't have a say in it, I can only hope our American friends will see past hollow propaganda of best politicians money can buy and finally vote for a guy who seems to genuinly have their collective interest in mind.
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We could have engaged Russia in a positive way and brought them around to our way of thinking VERY easily. In fact someone in the administration said before the war that this wasn't a valid reason to invade, but I don't remember who or where, I'll get back to that point when I have an answer. Is it a "higher crime and misdemeanor" to lie under oath in answer to an indecent, private question, or to lie under oath of office, keep in mind to the entire world in order to start a war against a crippled country? We have, what, half a year left of this guy? There's evidence for it - http: Your premise is flawed:
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